Massage Therapy Boosts
Your Health  

Ease anxiety, enhance mobility, reduce pain, improve whole-body health
and restore your equilibrium. 

Root Medicinal Massage offers in-home therapeutic treatments for residents of San Francisco and the Bay Area, including pregnant women, new mothers, older adults, anyone experiencing chronic pain, anyone experiencing limited range of motion and anyone experiencing muscle soreness or stiffness.

Choose from a single massage, packages for multiple massages, discounted memberships, couples massage or four sessions in one location on the same day.



A Certified Massage Therapist since 2005, I am the founder of Root Medicinal Massage. My  practice includes a variety of therapeutic massage styles for individuals, couples or small groups. I am specially trained in prenatal massage, structural integration, oncological massage and manual lymph drainage. 

Informed by my dedicated practice, my knowledge of anatomy and my trust in the proven scientific benefits of therapeutic massage, all sessions start with a conversation with YOU, so I may learn your goals for improved health. 

Whether you are struggling with pain, giving up on your pursuits and passions or slowing down more than you had in mind, I want to offer some hope. I’m passionate about helping you reclaim connection to your body and empowering you to participate in a collaborative healing experience.


  • Catherine Gaston
    Amy Olson is the most competent and skilled massage therapist I have ever had work on the trauma from my car accident and painful scar tissue from my Caesarian sections, not to mention that good old mom/woman tension that has built up during the last years. I cannot recommend her enough.
    Catherine Gaston
    History Teacher and Mother of Two
  • Clare Gillmore
    I appreciate Amy’s knowledge, attentiveness and patience, and also her knowledge of anatomy and body work techniques. Her structural integration work eases the constriction and discomfort caused by the imbalance in my spine…and a chronic tightness in my lower back has been relieved.
    Clare Gillmore
    Environmental Activist, Yogi and Mother of Two
  • Matt Phillipi
    Amy has worked wonders on my body. I am a professional skier, so my body has experienced a lot of trauma. I first started seeing her after a series of knee surgeries. She kept my body in line as I dealt with the issues of being on one leg and crutches for months.
    Matt Phillipi
    Orthopedic Doctor
  • Deborah Eppstein
    I had been suffering severe chronic leg pains for several months. I was at wit’s end, after seeing chiropractors and top back doctors to no avail. Amy was able to understand and treat the problem with her skillful massage techniques, with amazing results!
    Deborah Eppstein
    Tri-Athlete, CEO at Q Genetics, Co-Owner at Aerial Arts of Utah
  • Patricia Corrigan
    Amy has eased the pain and swelling of my lymphedema flare-ups years after breast cancer surgery and also has helped with my chronic back pain. Her massage sessions also significantly ease my anxiety as I wrestle with the many baffling aspects of aging.
    Patricia Corrigan
  • Christopher Staser
    When I had some issues with tendonitis, Amy’s work exceeded my expectations for what a massage therapist could do for long-term recovery. Amy has very strong fingers and hands, and offers a patient and loving touch.
    Christopher Staser
    Founder of Brandweaver, Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Irwin Kubilius
    I've been seeing Amy for many years. She always does wonders on my shoulders. I've had other therapists in the past, but never gotten the results I get from Amy.
    Irwin Kubilius
    Master Lexus Technician, Avid Backcountry Skier and Mountain Biker