Structural Integration aims to align the body with the force of gravity.

Benefits of Structural Integration can include tension release, better posture, reduced pain, increased energy and enhanced ease of movement, all of which support psychological and emotional well-being. Research shows that Structural Integration significantly reduces chronic stress by improving your postural alignment and flexibility.

A series of 10 sessions focuses on different areas of the body. Most of the work is done on a table, but you also may be asked to sit, stand, move about and walk. The 10-series process and any following tune-up sessions enable the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, enhancing your freedom of movement. You also may experience enhanced neurological function and feel a sense of emotional harmony.

Designed by Dr. Ida Rolf, this technique works directly with the body’s fascia, or connective tissues, to integrate and restructure your body from head to toe. Through deep manipulation of the body's connective tissues, Structural Integration may help alleviate both muscular and psychological tension and may lead to emotional wellness.


How Structural Integration may help:

  • releases tension from connective tissues
  • resolves chronic pain
  • improves posture
  • improves flexibility
  • reduces negative effects of stress
  • increases energy
  • enhances neurological function
  • creates emotional harmony