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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What area do you serve?
    San Francisco and the Bay Area
    2What do you bring to my home for the massage?
    Amy brings her massage table, a sheet set, a bolster, a table warmer and lotion or oil, unless you have a brand on hand that you prefer. If you have your own table, please let Amy know.
    3What do I need to have on hand?
    A clutter-free space of about 5' by 7' is ideal, with an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the table warmer. For prenatal and postnatal massage, it would be helpful to have extra pillows and towels available for support during the massage.
    4Is massage safe during pregnancy?
    Massage during pregnancy is usually quite safe, if you are healthy and have a normal pregnancy. If you are at all concerned, please check with your prenatal care provider before booking your appointment.
    5Can you do more than one massage at one location?
    Amy offers discounts for more than one massage at the same location. Please see the Book Now page.