Manual Lymphatic Drainage involves gentle manipulation of lymphatic fluid. 

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage can include helping to reduce the painful swelling that may occur after any type of surgery, after removal of lymph glands during cancer surgery or after a car accident that resulted in physical injury.

Some individuals experience flare-ups of lymphatic swelling long after surgery or an accident, but it’s never too late to try Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which is done with light pressure to help increase lymph movement toward working lymph nodes.

This treatment can be especially effective to help relieve post-surgical pain or swelling or to help ease the deep ache and potential swelling suffered from broken bones and scar tissue adhesions. It also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system with gentle pressure in specific directions to assist with optimal health and healing.



  • post-traumatic event or accident (can be any amount of time after accident)
  • whiplash or concussion
  • migraines or sinus headaches
  • pregnancy
  • post surgery
  • oncology
  • general health and well being